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Popular features that will change your life

Regain your freedom, mobility and peace of mind ... all from an online fax service?
That’s right. Send and receive faxes online, anytime, anywhere.

Save money, close deals, and never worry about missing a fax again.

Electronic Signature

Sign, send and save. Simply drag and place your signature stamp onto your document.

Large File Transfer

Share large files such as promotional videos, high-resolution images, sales presentations, and more without resulting in a blocked or bounced email.

eFax Voicemail to Email

Tired of having to listen to rambling voicemails? Read them instead. eFax will send you the audio file of your voicemails.

Cloud Storage

Securely archive, store, and retrieve all of your faxes in the cloud. With eFax, you’ll never lose an important fax again. Ever.

iOS App

The latest iOS app from eFax ® makes it even easier to send, receive, sign, and print faxes directly from an iPhone ® , iPad ® , iPad Mini ® and iPod Touch ®.

Tag & Search

Organise your faxes so that they’ll always be at your fingertips when you need them. Filing and finding faxes has never been easier!

eFax PDF Converter

Want to open or send a file as a PDF? Use the easy eFax PDF Converter.

Android App

Send, receive, sign and print faxes directly from your phone or tablet. Simply take a photo of your document with your Android and "Send".

App For MS Word

Send fax documents easily and conveniently from MS Word.